Gambling is permitted and regulated in Ghana. Consequently, all forms of online gambling are lawful in the nation. The state’s gambling laws do not specify regulations for online casino wagering; however, it is generally believed that the laws governing land-based casinos apply.

Online casinos in Ghana are required to have a state-issued license, and international casinos must also be licensed. There are a few licensed online operators in Ghana, but the majority are not noteworthy due to their lack of development.

Gambling’s Past in Ghana


Ghana was a British colony from 1874 until 1957, when it became the first African nation to achieve independence. In 1992, when the Ghanaian constitution was formulated, some of the first gambling laws were established, including the requirement that gamblers be at least 18 years old.


Since the establishment of the first land-based casino in Ghana in 2003, laws and regulations have changed. In the following sections, we will examine the laws and other aspects of wagering in Ghana.


Ghana Gambling Law

Initially, the Lotteries and Betting Act of 1960 (Act31), the Football Pools Authority Act of 1961 (Act 78), the Gambling Machines Decree of 1973 (NRCD 174) and the Casino Licensing Decree of 1975 (NRCD 320) governed the gambling industry in Ghana.


The Gaming Commission of Ghana was subsequently established under the Ministry of Interior. The Gaming Act of 2006 (Act 721) was passed, legalizing all Games of Chance with the exception of lotteries.


This Gaming Act legalized casinos, slot machines, sports wagering, scratch-off tickets, bingo, and a number of other games. The Gaming Commission’s mission is to provide a secure environment for wagering in Ghana.


During the establishment of the Gaming Commission and the formulation of the Gaming Act in 2006, online casinos and gambling were not governed by separate statutes. However, the same laws that govern physical gambling, sports betting, slot machines, and the finest casino games also govern online gambling.


Since there are no specific laws governing online gambling, anything unregulated is unlawful. International casinos are permitted in Ghana; however, a license is required.


Casinos on Land in Ghana

Ghana is a country where English is the official language. As there is no language barrier, offshore and international online casinos are very popular among locals. There are still a few land-based casinos in Ghana where residents can experience the atmosphere and tension of playing craps in person.


The majority of sources identify four land-based casinos in Ghana that welcome both locals and visitors. Two are located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The remaining two are reportedly located in Tema and Kumasi.


The land-based casinos of Ghana, like the largest online casinos, offer an abundance of attractions. Numerous bounties exist, including progressive jackpots. There are table games, poker games, and even lottery games.


Prospects for Online Gambling in Ghana

The prevalence of iGaming has increased globally, particularly in Africa. And in Ghana and other African nations, online wagering and sports betting are becoming increasingly accessible. Consequently, residents are flocking to a newly available form of entertainment.


Ghanaians are not unfamiliar with technological advancements, as they occur frequently. During the coronavirus pandemic, many Ghanaians were able to play casino games online or travel to other states to locate land-based casinos. Moreover, online casinos were the superior option.


At the onset of the pandemic, the number of mobile users in Ghana increased concurrently with the rate of internet penetration. This was the result of more internet connections and their increased stability. Increased use of mobile devices concurrently led to the rise in prominence of online platforms, including exclusive gambling sites.


Offshore casinos also discovered Ghana to be an effective location for conducting business. This is due to the relaxed regulations compared to other regions. And the licensing costs and registration fees were lesser, resulting in a substantial increase in profit margin.


Local Payment Alternatives

Naturally, if you are a Ghanaian gambler, your local currency will be the most expedient method of payment for you. In Ghana, the local currency is the Cedi, and the most common payment methods are MTN Mobile Money and bank remittances.


Therefore, any Ghanaian or offshore casino operating within the jurisdiction must accept local currencies and payment methods.



Yes, we do recommend online casinos in Ghana. The majority of casinos on our list are reputable and hold valid licenses. Moreover, the jurisdiction regulates wagering and sports betting. Therefore, gamblers do not need to stress about losing their money. Obviously, not all of them are secure. In addition, we recommend researching the casino prior to making deposits or transactions.



We have provided ample information on the legality of land-based and online casinos in Ghana. But we wouldn’t blame you if you had some more queries. Therefore, we have addressed some of the issue’s most frequently asked concerns.


Are online casinos authorized in Ghana?


Yes, online gambling is permitted in Ghana. They are licensed and regulated by the Ghanaian Gaming Commission, which was established by the Ministry of Interior. The Gambling Act of 2006 (Act 721) legalized all forms of chance gambling in Ghana.


Which online casino in Ghana is the best?


We have already provided you with a list of the top online casinos in Ghana. However, if we had to choose just one, we would choose 888 Casino because it has the finest selection of casino games and a multitude of other features that attract both locals and tourists.


Which online casinos in Ghana offer the highest payouts?


Mansion casino is the finest online casino in Ghana for payouts. We haven’t reviewed any casinos with payouts as the solitary criterion, but this casino’s payouts are quite impressive, so we made sure to mention it.

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